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Thank you to Yann Fontana* for its cry of alarm, vis-a-vis with the ignominie without name :
20 000 tons annual of Fougeraises garbage, out of crowned and sepulchral ground of our ancestors ! There, on the moor of Ouée and in wood surrounding, July 28 1488 in Saint-Aubin of Cormier, 6 000 Breton and their allies poured their blood for an ideal which remains ours : Freedom, Dignity, Control of our Destiny ! Elected officials of Brittany would have voted the unthinkable insanity ! That to soil and profane the ultimate cemetery of Utopia of Breton Free ! Let us imagine one moment, our good republicans to transform the Pantheon into public urinal, our good Christians to make of the Vaticana lubrique brothel... Grotesque is not this step? And well us, we will better do, us will assassinate one second time our 6 000 brave men, will spit on their memory and their bones, will bring dishonour on our generations to come... We will kill the Idea of Brittany !
I solemnly invite all Breton Heart to react, whatever their profession, their function, their political membership... Finished the partisane's brawls and egoist's divisions ! Here the obvious one and ultimate Cause which must all join together us. We win in Plogoff, and we go together, to regain the battle of Saint-Aubin of Cormier!
If not, I swear it, I will cease being Breton ! I will be made Celte wandering stateless person, with for only territory a broken Dream of Peace and Love, with the torn off Crowned Roots, the Fruits of Knowledge crushed under theheel. I will stop believing in the Man, with his impossible ideals, undermined by the absurdity silly thing of the profit without intelligence.
In Gosné, 23/11/99.
Yann Bleiz Ar C'hunff

*Yann Fontana is one of leaders from "Memory & Dignity" like Jean-Loup le Kuff






It is impossible that such a thing is done ! We will take care of it... Petition to photocopy recto-back, to distribute, fill then to turnover to : Committee of defense "Memory and Dignity", Bel-Air, 35 140 Gosné Brittany The initiator of this petition is handled neither by any political party, nor by any special interest group.
He is an Independent BretonArtist, alive to 5 km of the historic site, which reacts with its heart. This petition remains valid until the final adoption of the project. Send your cheque of support for " Memory and Dignity ", with the command of Arzhur Cuff. You will receive a receipt, and the whole of your gifts will be used to conclude this humanistic fight, for intelligent Brittany, accountable and truly democratic. For our honor and our future... Trugarez ! (Thank you !)
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The Scots have Culloden and its Memorial on the Windswept ridge between Moray First and the River Nairn, with a sober granite cairn as a sombre reminder of a past that is not always easy for us to live with.

With the sky and the wind around him, the visitor to this ancient battlefield may refleet in silence and dignity on nations' pasts, always relevant to today's world and its current problems.

The Bretons, too, have their Culloden, close to the town of Saint Aubin du Cormier in the Departement of Ille et Vilaine, Brittany. But any future visitor who would wish to stop at this site and walk across the moores that were the scene of a massacre by the well-armed mercenaries and troops of the French court in 1488 will not find the dignity or the silence that so impresses the tourist on Culloden Moor.

He will, instead, be met by a vast rubbish heap : that is all the rubbish you and I throw cheerfully into our dustbins and which, for the moment anyway, is not recycled.

For the Mayors of Saint Aubin du Cormier and the pretty little village of nearby Mézières sur Couesnon are determined to use the old site and its periphery to "meet a public need" (my quotes).

Quite naturally, the local population does not agree, particulary as the procedure has not as yet reflected any debate or democracy whatsoever, but it has also incensed those Bretons who have any respect for their history, (a history not taught in French schools, for the same reason that the breton language was forbidden and discouraged until recently).

Those who oppose this scheme have asked for archeological research to help define the boundaries of the battle and the rout that followed it. The reply by the Sictom of Fougéres, the organisation for collecting and treating of houschold rubbish from Fougéres and its outlying towns and villages, is to instigate a dig at the beginning of November. Good, you might reply, that sounds fair enough.

But this one field in particular is where no local farmer or his ancestors has ever found any remains of the battle itself, unlike other fields, gardens or coppices which have turned up canon balls, pieces of sword belts, etc, in the past.

Sir Edward de Wydeville, Lord Scales, had come from the Isle of Wight with 600 archers to help the Bretons defend their land and what was a thriving economy at the time. He dies, with all his men except one youth who apparently escaped but went mad afterwards, somewhere on the moores of Saint Aubin du Cormier and Mézières sur Couesnon.

One can't help feeling that another site should not be difficult to find. Until now all other Mayors of the surrounding 51 communes concerned by the project - many closer to Fougéres - have vetoed the project on their own lands. There are Nimbys here just as anywhere else. But other sites recently proposed have not pleased the deciders, and the project would appear to be going ahead, in spite of public opinion.

It would perhaps be a good idea to consult the public over this problem of rubbish and the disposal thercof. It would also be a demonstration of democratic procedures, which could, too, help to make us more aware of the downside of the consumer society and all the leftovers it can generate. After all, our childrens' future is involved in our act of opening our dustbin lids each day. Each yoghurt pot today is their world tomorrow.

As to the political scenario in front of us in this case, aren't you getting just a bit like me: completely fed up with those we elect to do a job we cannot do, or have no time, taste or competence for, and who appear to take their position as a carte blanche for any old thing any old how ?

No wonder spin doctors are fashionable !

And anyway, isn't hurying rubbish out of date ?

22 October 2000      Comité de Défense "Mémoire et Dignité"

                                 Association Mézières Environnement

                                  Ille et Vilaine, Brittany, France