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  Open letter of Jean-Loup Le Cuff

Open letter of Jean-Loup Le Cuff
Independent Breton Artist
Vice-president of SPERED KELT
Cofounder of the Committee of Defense "MEMORY AND DIGNITE"
Mr Pierre Renault
Vice-president with the General Council of Island and Unpleasant
President of the SICTOM of the district of FERNS
President of the Community of Communes of the Country of ST AUBIN du CORMIER

Dear Sir,
In your letter of the 18/1/2000, you reiterate me your assertions, towant to respect the historic site of the battle of St Aubin ofCormier. I take note! Unfortunately, you located the epicentre ofthis battle, in a subjective and arbitrary way, with two kilometers ofthe site retained for your project, by its indication on your communein 1988, for the commemoration of the 500ème anniversary of theevent. I indeed affirm, after analysis of a rich person documentation ofhistorians on the subject, that the Memorial with Breton, "voluntarily " was set up in 1988 on the side of the initial Frenchlines, and that the Breton lines were located at North-North-Is,halfway Wall on Couesnon. You cannot are unaware of it, because youeven prefaced the book " Sentinel of Brittany " of Yann BOUËSSEL ofthe BOROUGH, published in 1988 by the Festival Committee of AubinSaint of Cormier, where a summary plan drawn up in XVIIIème century,reproduced on page 33, corroborates my assertion. With page 35 ofthis book, it is also known as : " the memory of this bloody day will be maintained a long time in thepopular memory ". In addition to the name even of " Moor of theMeeting ", two granite crosses rose, and remained until the Revolutionat the place where the heather had more largely drunk Breton blood.Moreover one corner of the wood of Usel, where thousands of body werehidden, kept the name of " mass grave " (or cemetery). A wild peartree or " bézier ", which pushed there, having reached anextraordinary size, one called it " the bézier with the mass grave ".But if one believes of it the commentator of Ogée, it would rather benecessary to say " the mass grave to bézillés ", of an old word offormer French which meant " to kill, to massacre ", and which would beof Celtic origin. On another point of the moor, three fields of the farm of Roëlleriestill bear the name of " fields of bézillés ", which would confirmthis interpretation " This famous farm of Roëllerie exists alwaystoday, under the name of Rouellière, and is in the vicinity immediateof the future site retained for your project of hiding! Indeed, theBreton ones were continued and massacred on their line of fold, indirection of Wall on Couesnon and of Hellandière, future site ofhiding. The mass graves are there, under name " the Pits " of certaincurrent pieces. It is probable that the other Breton ones weremassacred even further, in their isolated escape, then buried on thespot by two or three... This vast improvised cemetery, in the urgency of the heat of this July1488, (more than ten thousand buried bodies, without counting thehorses!) must obviously interfere with the current site of hidingselected, see even covering it. In any event, we estimate that it is not with Breton, victims of honorand memory, to prove that the site is sepulchral, but well with theSICTOM, the current potential attacker and profaner, to prove that thesite is virgin traces of skins, mainly of phosphorus, the ground being very acid. I thus propose a chemical analysis of the ground made byan independent archaeological structure, whose expenses would be dealtwith by the SICTOM. No Investigation of Public Utility can decentlystart before the conclusions of such analyzes. If after thorough study of the various pieces, ranging between theCastle of Giraudais and the site of Hellandière, a doubt remained;(just like it seems me to be the case in the conclusions of thehistorian Jerome CUCARRUL, in its report/ratio controlled for theSICTOM, by Mr Jacques FAUCHEUX mayor of Ferns); the common sense ofauthorities which I hope for qualified, will have to carry it, andmake definitively classify this moor of the Meeting, and its immediateperimeter. Indeed, this historic site must be saved, of the ignominieux projecthumiliating for the people of Brittany, already tested by recentnatural and ecological catastrophes. That is enough! If not willcall we with French justice... If this profaner choice is seen all the same supported and confirmedby Mister the Prefect, and thus by the Ministry for the FrenchInterior, we will be then constrained to carry the business before theEuropean Court of Justice. I besides already made contact, with theCommission of the Petitions of the European Parliament in Luxembourg. How the Right, the Memory, the Honor and Dignity carry it! If notspeak to us never again about Freedom, of Equality and of Fraternity,values to what a however, I believe ardently! For Brittany and hisfuture, I said my firm position and inébranlable, and I call all thesharp forces, of intelligence, tradition and progress, of our fivedepartments, to join us in this deeply humanistic Breton combat! Alldeaths are worth, and a fortiori those demolished in the name ofFreedom! With when the sites of hiding on the whole of the Frenchmilitary cemeteries? Mr Renault, in the performance of your duties, I was pilot FridayJanuary 14 2000 with 10h morning, of your choice which I namedpublicly " declaration of war ". You are the attacker, we are the victims! Draw to you even the conclusion, either by the finaladoption of this project, or by your own resignation... If not, Ipromise the " cultural civil war to you ", that you even declared us.
Dear Sir, I said !
35 140 GOSNE    21/01/2000